Beauty Hum

beauty hum hair and beauty review websiteBeauty Hum was a hair and beauty review site where users can review the hairdresser, beauty therapist or makeup artist who provided them with the service.

The site enabled hair and beauty professionals to promote themselves to a new audience and increase their online presence while allowing users to find the best professional for them.  The hair and beauty reviews on the site are for the person who provided the treatment, and others can read them, rate them, share them as well as send messages to the professional and favourite them to come back to.

Before I closed the hair and beauty review site down I had amassed over 800 professionals on the site, plus a consumer database of approximately 1500.  The site started with a very basic wordpress site that I built myself with a $50 review plugin, once the site started to get people involved I paid for a complete site to be developed, this was built to scale, but unfortunately the new site was only live for 9 months before I decided to close it.

Beauty Hum launched in July 2013, and then relaunched with a more functional site in April 2014.  However in January 2015 it closed down due to my Mum dying and I just lost the passion for it 🙁

I still have the website and all the code, so it could go back up, however running a marketplace business is hard work and not for the faint hearted!  It requires a lot of time, effort and passion to get it going because you have two audiences, the professionals and the consumers and therefore two audiences to promote it to.