Social Rabbit

social rabbit social media agencyI started Social Rabbit my social media agency in 2010 once I realised that Mocks was starting to decline I knew I had to find something else to a) keep me interested and b) keep the lights on!

Social Rabbit came about because I got over 10,000 people to like the Mocks Facebook page in under 3 months and people kept asking how I did it.  At the time there was a real gap for people to help small businesses use social media, so it seemed like the perfect thing to move into.

At Social Rabbit I blogged pretty much daily, with over 500 posts in less than 2 years, it became a bit addictive and really started to work especially toward the end of 2011 when I had decided to move on – the moral of that tale is that blogging takes a long time to produce results in the B2B world….

At Social Rabbit ran seminars and workshops on social media both for my clients and also for other companies such as Audi, Mudgee Tourism and more.  I did public speaking to audiences of up to 500, including a lot of work with the NSW Small Business program.  Plus one-on-one consulting with clients.

While a lot of things I did at Social Rabbit I enjoyed I found the challenge of not having repeat work difficult, it felt like I was chasing down clients all the time as I didn’t have a huge number of one-on-one clients.  I did set up an online training program mid way through 2011 to address this, but I have to be honest and say that service based businesses are not for me.  I much prefer products.

I loved the speaking and talking to groups, but that was the parts of the business that it was hard to have regular repeat customers week in week out!

To cut a long story short I sold the business to Impactiv8 in 2012, which was definitely the best decision for me 🙂