LOLL beach towel ponchosLOLL is a range of wearable beach towels, yep back to the physical products 🙂

I am really excited about these, first because they are a new innovation on a product that has been around for years, second that they actually meet a purpose and solve a problem.

Gotta love a product that solves a problem, in this case it is taking a beach towel to the beach and then not being to change under it without flashing, needing to take a mobile but it gets all sandy or holding up a towel as you walk a long after the swim and it falling down.

I spent some time in Tasmania in 2015 and was jealous of the children in their beach ponchos and wanted my own, but I couldn’t find what I wanted so decided to invent my own.  It matches up well with my love of the beach and ocean.  Plus, now every beach holiday is a tax deduction – right? 🙂

LOLL beach towels come in one size, with an internal pocket for your phone, wallet and keys, zips down the side so that you can wear it or unzip it to lie it out on the beach and the back is longer than the front so no more burnt legs when you sit down!  Buy your very own LOLL here

LOLL was officially launched in Feb 2016, but realistically I didn’t give much time to it until October 2016, just in time for the Aussie summer.